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Feeding Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict MP3 | Lama Tsultrim Allione

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In this dynamic audio program, Feeding Your Demons, Lama Tsultrim presents the revolutionary wisdom of one of Tibet's greatest teachers, Machig Labdrön.  The program provides a powerful method for coping with inner "demons" such as depression, self-hatred, anxiety, relationship issues, and addictions.  Rather than battling these inner afflictions and thus perpetuating them, Lama Tsultrim encourages confronting them with an attitude of compassion and reconciliation.  She offers a new paradigm to individuals residing in a global community deeply rooted in the rigid polarization of "self" and "enemy."  In this audio program, Lama Tsultrim makes ancient wisdom accessible by guiding her listeners through a powerful five-step process of making amends and healing the parts of ourselves we struggle against.

This download is approximately 54 MB in size and 59 miniutes long.

Contents include:

1. Introduction to Feeding Your Demons [0.00 - 14:09]

2. Bringing the Teachings of Machig Labdron Home [14:10-27:16]

3. The Five-Step Practice of Feeding You Demons [27:17-49:47]

4. Review of the Five-Step Practice [49:48 - 54:02]

5. Questions and the Basic Split [54:04 - 57:51]

6. Conclusion and Dedication of Merit [57;51 - 59:21]


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