Luminous Moonlight - The Biography of Do Dasal Wangmo ~ Intoduced by Lama Tsultrim Allione

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"Do Dasal Wangmo (1928 - ), great-granddaughter of Do Kyentse Yeshe Dorje (1800 - 1866), is the last living direct descendant in his family lineage. Do Kyentse was an extraordinary yogi known for his divine, magical, and inconventional activities. He was the hidden treasure discoverer (terton) of the sublime terma cycle Dzinpa Rangdrol (Self Liberation of Clinging)

Out of the deep compassion of her vast realization, Do Dasal Wangmo has benefited many as a docotr of Tibetan medicine, a lineage holder and as a Buddhist nun. She is a well-respected scholar, realized practioner, and as her story dramatically demonstrates, a highly committed monastic.

Her life story demonstrates how, despite the challenging life she has lived during these brutal times in Tibet, she has been able to give to others as a doctor, bodhisattva and secret yogini. Her story gives us a glimpse into modern day life of a female lineage holder, augmented by the introduction from Lama Tsultrim Allione who had the great blessing of meeting her in 2010 and receiving transmission from her."

- back cover of the book

Introduced by Lama Tsultrim Allione

Translated by Sarah Schneider

Published by Machig Publications, copyright 2013 Tara Mandala



pp 148

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beautiful translation of a beautiful life

Schneider's translation makes reading this biography so enjoyable. Lama Tsultrim's introduction about the journey to meet Do Dasal Wangmo was very interesting. Definitely worth a read!
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